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Club Start Up

Handball is a fast paced, highly skillful, hugely entertaining, and fully inclusive sport.

Are you looking to set up a new GAA Handball Club in your area?

Get the basics in place There's a lot to think about before formally starting up a sports club, which is why we've created a checklist of key questions you should ask yourself. If you want more guidance on an area, please get in touch with the National Office and we will be only to glad to help.

Club Start Up

If you can ticked yes to the majority of the questions above, it sounds like you're ready to set-up your GAA Handball Club! Next steps include looking at affiliating your club with us here in the National Office, forming your committee and holding your first official club meeting. It's also worth exploring our Club Iontach section, to find out what a gold standard GAA Handball Club looks like and what you can be aiming for.

The 1-Wall version of Handball may provide the quickest and most cost effect way to start up a new Club. Check out our information booklet below to discover the various strands of 1-Wall Handball.

1-Wall Revolution