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Youth Expo 2021

2021 Youth Expo Resources

GAA Handball Youth Expo

The 2021 Youth Expo saw a range of top sportspeople from across the Gaelic Games family and from other sports share their thoughts, experiences and tips over a wide range of topics through a series of talks, workouts, cooking demonstrations and competitions to keep juvenile members engaged.Below you will find a range of talks and presentations covered throughout the Expo.

Mindful Mondays

Coping with Lockdown

Paul Fitzpatrick sits down with Irish Olympian and Sports Performance Psychologist, Jessie Barr to chat about ways to deal with "Coping with lock-down".

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Balancing Study and Sport

Longford footballer and PE Teacher Mickey Quinn talks to Sky Sports anchor Grainne McElwain about balancing study with sport and how to combine both in a successful way.

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Mental Health - Its Ok To Not Be Ok

Walk in My Shoes ambassador and Dublin LGFA star Nicole Owens chats to Sky Sports Grainne McElwain about the extremely important topic of Mental Health and Nicole will talk through some of her own experiences and some of the coping methods she herself used.

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Developing a winning mindset for individual sports

Paul Fitzpatrick chats with 5 time World & 10 time All Ireland Champion Paul Brady to give us a rare look into the mindset one of the greatest ever handballers.

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Tasty Tuesdays

Introduction to Nutrition

Sharon Madigan who is Head of Performance Nutrition with Sport Ireland delivers a presentation looking at an Introduction to Nutrition followed by a cook along video recipe with David Tobin, Performance Nutritionist with Sport Ireland.

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Fueling Success with Nutrition

David Tobin who is a Performance Nutritionist at Sport Ireland Institute speaks about “How do you fuel for exercise?” and "What & When you should be Eating on Game Day”. Following directly after, David will then take us through a cook-along video, focusing on a very tasty looking Banana Oat bar recipe.

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Nutrition for Recovery

Performance Nutritionist at Sport Ireland Institute David Tobin leads us through a presentation looking at how we can use nutrition to help with our recovery after training and games, David will also take us through a cookalong with recipes for a Caprese Omelette and a Fruit Smoothie.

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Nutrition - Putting it all together

In our final "Tasty Tuesday" episode, Laura Mahony from Sport Institute Ireland shows us how we can put what we have learned over the last three Tuesdays into our everyday life. David Tobin is also back with his cook-along tips. This week he will be giving you ideas for food prep where you might have to play a number of games over the course of one day.

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Workout Wednesdays

Warm Up`s & Ball Drill`s

Cork's multiple All Ireland winning star Catriona Casey will put all our young members through their paces. Catriona will go through warm up techniques and ball drills in this evenings session which is a great chance for our younger members to get tips from one of the greatest ever Handballers.

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Single Leg Bridge Test

As part of our Workout Wednesday series each week in association with Tommy Gallagher Injury Management we will feature a different physical test relevant to Handballers to assess a key area of your fitness and corrective exercises for any issues you may have that are highlighted in the test. Week 1 is the Single Leg Bridge Test which will help determine the ability of the hamstrings, glutes and lower back to work together to create stability around the pelvic area.

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Speed and Agility

World number 1 Killian Carroll hosts an online workout focusing on Speed & Agility. Killians speed and ability to cover the court and make incredible shots are just some of the things that make him the best handballer on the planet and also one of the most exciting players to watch. This is a workout not to be missed!

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Squat Test

This week's test is the Posterior Squat Test which is used to determine how well a player can move through their hips and how much control they have over their lumbo-pelvic region. Video is in association with Tommy Gallagher Injury Management.

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Faber Test

The Faber (Flexion, Abduction External Rotation) Test is used to indicate whether a player has sufficient mobility in the hips and can also be used to help determine if there is any pathology in the hip, lumbar spine or sacroiliac joint.

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Skittle Knockdown - Individual Skill Drill

A fun target game to work on accuracy.Demonstrated by Megan McCann

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Hoop Relay - Individual Skill Drill

A fun drill that helps young Handballers practice their underarm/sidearm stroke, speed, and court positioning.Demonstrated by Megan McCann

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Balloon Targets - Individual Skill drill

A fun skills drills to practice your overarm stroke.Demonstrated by Sean Kerr

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Zone Shooting - Individual Skill Drill

A fun skill drill to develop your "Pass Shot" in Handball.Demonstrated by Sean Kerr

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Preventing injury on Returning to Sport

Tommy & Avril will be looking at how we can

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Friday Forums

Handball Globetrotters

Cork's Catriona Casey, a frequent traveller to the states is joined by Daniel Cordova (USA) and Luke Thompson (UK) to share their stories about their Handball adventures in various parts of the world.

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Transitioning from Underage to Senior

Galway`s Ciana Ní Churraoin and Clare`s Colin Crehan join us to impart some guidance and advice for young Handballers with ambitions of stepping up in the coming years to the top level of the game.

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Succeeding at Elite Level

Paul Fitzpatrick sits down with Limerick`s Martina McMahon, Galway`s Martin Mulkerrins & Clare`s Diarmaid Nash for a chat about how they made the step up to Senior level.

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Playing multiple sports can it be done?

We finish up The Youth Expo 21 with a stellar line up of Irish GAA Stars. Sky Sports GAA anchor, Grainne McElwain chats to Cork`s Rena Buckley, Kilkenny`s Richie Hogan and Kerry`s Kieran Donaghy about how they managed to play multiple sports and how they dealt with the pressure of school work and playing sport while in secondary school plus lots more.

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