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Club Iontach

Club Iontach is GAA Handball’s new quality standards programme for Handball Clubs across Ireland.

What is Club Iontach?

Club Iontach is GAA Handball’s new quality standards programme for Handball Clubs across Ireland. The programme was devised to help guide clubs to achieve minimum operating standards in core areas, aimed at improving all aspects of club development.

GAA Handball are confident that there is something in this document that all Clubs can learn from as they continuously endeavour to create positive sporting experiences in a safe, enjoyable and supportive environment. 

The role of the Club is the lifeblood of our association, and we are indebted to our volunteers. It is within the Club that future generations of Handball players are introduced to the sport, where countless hours are spent coaching, playing, volunteering and inspiring a life time of positive experiences and involvement in GAA Handball. With all this in mind, GAA Handball have taken the initiative to provide our Clubs with this resource document to assist them to continue to evolve and strive for excellence.

A large resource repository of guidance documents and sample templates has been made available below to help guide clubs through this accreditation process, and help simplify the process.

The Benefits:

  • Enhance Club's ability to attract new members, as both players and administrators
  • Improve the Club's overall sustainability and effectiveness
  • Raises the bar in terms of Club standards across the country, which will in turn lead to better structures, competitions and an overall stronger association for all members
  • Receive a "Club Iontach Accredited Club" Display Plaque for your Club at a national event, to showcase the excellent work the Club is doing in promoting GAA Handball
  • Club Feature to be published on national website


The Core Areas:

  1. Club Management
  2. Communications, Image & PR
  3. Coaching & Development 
  4. Safety


How to get started? 

  • Club Contact to register the club by emailing
  • Details will be sent to the club to logon to the Club Iontach portal.
  • Submissions must be completed via the online Club Iontach portal.
  • A hard-copy of the document and checklist will be distributed to every GAA Handball Club Secretary, and can be distributed on request.
There is no deadline for completion, instead Clubs can work at their own pace for Accreditation. We are confident that all Clubs who sign up will reap the rewards and inevitably grow stronger as a Club. The development staff at GAA Handball are on hand for guidance when required.

Club Iontach Booklet

Club Iontach Online Portal

Appendix List:

Appendix 1A1 - Club Constitution Template.docx
Appendix 2A2 - Role of the Club Officials Template.docx
Appendix 3A3 - Facility Booking Template.docx
Appendix 4A4 - Coaching Programme Template.docx
Appendix 5A5 - Session Planner Template.docx
Appendix 6A6 - Club Development Plan Template.docx
Appendix 7A7 - Handball Code of Behaviour Poster.pdf
Appendix 8A8 - Parent Consent Form.docx
Appendix 9A9 - Code of Conduct Coaches and Volunteers Template.docx
Appendix 10A10 - Code of Expectations for Parents Template.docx
Appendix 11A11 - Code of Conduct for Children Template.docx
Appendix 12A12 - Risk Assessment Template.doc
Appendix 13A13 - First Aid Kit Recommendations.docx
Appendix 14A14 - Accident Report Template.docx
Appendix 15A15 - Emergency Details Template.docx
Appendix 16A16 - Attendance Register Template.docx
Appendix 17A17 - Data-Protection-Policy-Template.doc


Accredited Clubs:

ClubStatusAwardedClub Feature
Greencastle HC, TyroneGoldJune 2020Read
Corduff HC, MonaghanGoldJune 2020Read