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Welcome to GAA Handball’s Coaching Video Series!

We have broken down all the strokes, shots and serves used in Handball into a series of short videos to help you advance your game and bring it to the next level. Within this series there is something for everyone, be it a beginner starting out, or the player striving to gain advanced insight in a bid to reach the higher echelons of the game. These short visual guides will prove invaluable to players and coaches alike who wish to gain invaluable knowledge and tips around the various sections covered. Video's designed by Darragh Daly (GAA Handball National Development Officer), with thanks to elite players Paul Brady & Martin Mulkerrins for demonstrations.

Section 1 | Fundamentals

4 Lessons 05:11

1 | Introduction

Welcome to GAA Handball’s Coaching Video Series

2 | Hand Cupped

Remember to execute the fundamentals properly and you are sure to see an improvement in shot accuracy and performance.

3 | Body Positioning & Footwork

Footwork is the most important fundamental to hitting the ball properly.

4 | Strike Ball in Midline of Body

An important fundamental principle, consistent across all shots

Section 2 | Strokes

4 Lessons 06:05

5 | Underarm Stroke

The underarm stroke is the most basic of the three strokes and is generally used to strike the ball at waist level or below. It can be used as a defensive or offensive shot.

6 | Overarm Stroke

The overarm is used when striking the ball at shoulder level or above. It is mostly used as a defensive stroke.

7 | Sidearm Stroke

The sidearm is the most complex of the three strokes, and is mainly used as an attacking option to hit either kill shots or low passing shots. It is also the most prominent stroke among the games elite players to hit low power serves.

8 | Weaker Hand Development

To succeed at the top level of the game, players are required to be equally adept playing shots with either hand.

Section 3 | Shots

6 Lessons 10:24

9 | Kill

The Kill Shot is when the ball is hit very low on the front wall as to make your opponent unable to retrieve it. It’s the crowd pleaser shot in Handball!

10 | Pass

An excellent offensive or defensive shot that aims to force your opponent out of the front court.

11 | Fly

To “Fly” the ball simply means to volley it before it bounces.

12 | Back Wall

Learn the various options of Back Wall Shots, depending on the ball height and trajectory, and the players positioning on the court.

13 | Ceiling

The ceiling shot is a defensive shot that forces an opponent into deep court.

14 | 3 Wall

The aim of the 3 Wall Shot is to force your opponent into deep court. It is a very useful defensive shot that can be executed with any stroke type.

Section 4 | Serves

8 Lessons 13:41

15 | Serve Intro

The serve is hugely important aspect of Handball, but often it can be a very under utilised aspect of a players game.

16 | Low Power

More often than not this is most players go to first serve, with the ball travelling low and straight into the back corner. The 2-Wall Power Serve is a similar serve, but with a significant variation.

17 | 2 Wall Power

The 2-Wall Power Serve is a similar serve to the low serve, but with a significant variation.

18 | 3 Wall

The 3 Wall serve utilises three walls to force your opponent deep into either the left or right-hand corner of the court, close to both the back and side walls.

19 | Straight Lob

A simple, but potentially very effective second serve option.

20 | Two Wall Lob

Another second serve option, forcing your opponent to return a serve from a deep court position.

21 | Wraparound

The aim of the wraparound serve is to make the ball wraparound the back wall with pace.

22 | Serving Tips/Strategies

Some invaluable tips on how best to maximize your serving opportunities.

Section 5 | Return of Serves

6 Lessons 07:58

23 | Return Serve Intro

Learn how to develop a strong return of serve, and counteract your opponent’s advantage from the serve.

24 | Low Power Serve Return

Recommended options to return a Low serve.

25 | 3 Wall Serve Return

Recommended options to return a 3 Wall serve.

26 | Straight Lob Serve Return

Recommended options to return a Straight Lob serve.

27 | 2 Wall Lob Serve Return

Recommended options to return a 2 Wall Lob serve.

28 | Return Serve Tips & Strategies

Some invaluable tips on how best to maximize your return of serve options.

Section 6 | Game Play, Tips & Strategies

3 Lessons 06:09

29 | Centre Court & Positioning

The “Centre Court” position is generally considered where the game is won or lost, or at least controlled. It is the position where you have the most dominance within the court.

30 | Anticipation

Gain invaluable split-second advantages by learning to anticipate your opponent’s shots.

31 | Applying Spin

Gain a basic understanding of the principles of spin.