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Interested in becoming a coach, or just want to improve your skills?

Is your club interested in running a coaching course, or are you looking to improve your own coaching skills? If so, please see below for some important information on how you, and your club members, can get on the road to becoming better coaches.

Irish Handball players are among the best in the world, and a lot of this comes down to the quality coaching they are provided with at club and county level. GAA Handball provide a selection of Coaching Course options to assist the development of coaches, with courses led by National Tutors, qualified through Coaching Ireland. Below is a breakdown of options of courses. Please contact National Development Officer Darragh Daly on for further information.

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School & GAA Club In-Services

Due to the growing number of Schools & GAA Clubs that are starting to develop Handball, an option of a short In-Service Coaching Course is available to introduce basic rules, shots and mini games to help assist the growth of the game in the school/club. 

Foundation Level Coaching Award

The Foundation Level Coaching Award comprises of a one day course, and is open for anyone to attend. This course is fully certified by Coaching Ireland, and aims at introducing the Fundamentals of Handball. Key areas covered include; the strokes, warm-ups, mini games, lesson planning and basic tactics. 

Level One Coaching Award

The Level One Coaching Award comprises of a three day course, and is currently the highest coaching qualification in GAA Handball. Attendees must have completed a Foundation Level Coaching Award before becoming eligible for this course, whilst the course is also assessment based. This course is fully recognised by Coaching Ireland, and delves deeper into the higher end coaching specificities of Handball. 

Key areas covered include; the strokes, the serves, shot selection and execution, advanced tactics, fitness and speed.


Applying for a Coaching Course

  • Step 1: Designate a person in your club/region to act as Course Co-ordinator. The Course Co-ordinator should liaise with their County Secretary, and contact National Development Officer Darragh Daly to confirm their interest in a course.
  • Step 2: When a Tutor becomes available, the National Development Officer will contact the Course Co-ordinator and County Secretary, and confirm a suitable date for all parties.
  • Step 3: Once a date is confirmed, the National Development Officer will send out a checklist for the Course Co-ordinator to ensure smooth running of the course. Full payment for the course must be received a minimum of one week prior to the start date.
  • Step 4: Course Certification will be distributed by the National Development Officer on receipt of fully completed assessment sheets.



  • A minimum of 16 participants is required per course
  • Coaches must wait a minimum of one year after completing the Foundation Level Course before they can attend a Level One Course
  • Only coaches as approved by their County Boards will be accepted onto a Level One Course
  • Attendance on a course does not guarantee qualification. Each participant will be individually assessed during the course.



  • National Development Officer Darragh Daly
  • +353 (0) 1865 8649