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SURVEY: Women in Sport Coaching

Sport Ireland have released their first ever survey exclusively targeting female coaches and ex-coaches across all sports on the island of Ireland. GAA Handball asks that as many females involved in coaching in any way complete this 5 minute survey before Friday 19th June.

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We hope that as a result of this survey we can:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the status of females in coaching roles in Ireland
  • Investigate the challenges and opportunities to increase the numbers of female coaching across all sports and at all levels
  • Use the feedback to develop good practice programmes, resources or strategies for NGBs and LSPs that will lead to successful recruitment, retention, development and progression of female coaches

We would like to apologise if you have previously received this survey through another channel. We are eager to reach as many female coaches as possible and unfortunately this may lead to some of our coaches receiving the same correspondence through different channels.

Just two points we would like to bring to your attention:

  1. When referring to coaches, this is an umbrella term and would like all coaches, instructors, leaders etc. to take the survey.
  2. Throughout the survey we refer to ‘off/on-pitch’ hours.
  • “On pitch” we are looking for hours spent physically coaching your athletes/players/participants/performers.
  • “Off-pitch” refers to all the added hours you spend planning, reviewing, analysing, reflecting, organising meetings, phone calls etc.

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