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Return to Handball (October 2021 Update)

The Government have announced Ireland’s plan for the next phase of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is envisioned that these measures will remain in place until approximately February 2022. The full guidance notes are available via the below button (Clubs are advised to read full guidance notes). However a summary of key Handball related points are listed below for convenience.

Full Guidance (PDF)


Sporting Organisations should continue to implement strong protocols with regard to training, competition and other sporting activities. These will include:

  • The collection of contact tracing data.
  • The use of COVID 19 Officers.
  • Recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities.
  • The ongoing promotion of good respiratory & hand hygiene.
  • The wearing of face coverings in relevant settings.
  • Ensuring that indoor spaces are well ventilated.
  • Consideration of indoor space densities and duration of indoor activities. 


Summary of latest measures from October 22nd

Indoor Sport

  • The use of the EU Digital COVID Certificate (vaccine or recovery certificate) will be required for accessing indoor sporting activities and events.
  • Where individuals have mixed immunity status, pods of up to 6 participants will be permitted (excluding adult coaches/instructors).
  • Multiple pods will be permissible subject to protective measures.
  • The overall number of pods will have regard to the size of venue and there should be substantial social distance between individual pods.
  • For Vaccinated individuals no fixed capacity limits apply to these activities.
  • Vaccinated spectators attending indoor sporting events should be fully seated. 

Outdoor Sport

  • Outdoor group activities should continue to implement the relevant protective measures as outlined above.
  • Proof of vaccination or recovery will no longer apply for spectators attending outdoor events.
  • Fixed capacity limits will no longer apply for spectators or participants at outdoor events.

Indoor Youth Sport – Games and Competitions (Updated 4 November, 2021) 

Underage Participants - Children under 18 Years Old

  • The current “pod of six” system can be adjusted to allow for indoor games and competition activities according to the ordinary rules and limits of the sport concerned.
  • The ‘pod of six’ system should be retained for all other settings such as training activities.
  • The continuation of the pod system for more frequent activity will assist in minimising the overall risk and facilitate contact tracing. 


Showers / Changing Rooms / Sports Clubhouse Gyms

  • Where all individuals are vaccinated the full use of showers and changing rooms is permitted.
  • Where individuals have mixed immunity status the use of these facilities should be pod based.

In relation to Gyms and Training Facilities within sports clubs, these may operate in line with the broader permissions for indoor facilities. i.e. the use of pods of 6 for mixed immunity participants or no fixed limit for participants with proof of immunity. Appropriate protective measures and COVID protocols should be in place.


Indoor Meetings & Educational / Coaching Courses

  • Sports may wish to continue to conduct Meetings & Educational / Coaching Courses remotely or outdoors.
  • Coaching or Educational programmes that contain a practical element should be delivered in line with other sporting measures permitted i.e. the use of pods of 6 for mixed immunity participants. Appropriate protective measures and COVID protocols should be in place.
  • Ongoing consideration to Room densities, meeting durations and ventilation should continue throughout the Winter months.