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Join the Schools 1-Wall Revolution

Schools are back for the 2021/22 school year, which means now is the time to let GAA Handball help you develop Handball to your pupils!

Over the last decade, more and more Schools have gotten involved with GAA Handball's Schools 1-Wall Initiative. So let's look at how we can help you develop this perfect school activity!



1) Schools Membership Scheme

Sign up today and receive your Starter Pack from as little as €30! GAA Handball are subsidising equipment costs to help your school!

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2) Get your own School Court

500+ Handball Walls have been built in Schools nationwide in recent years. And it has never been easier to develop a court, be it by simply painting lines on an existing wall, or purpose building purpose built walls and relative low cost.

Sample Schools Handball Walls


3) Teacher In-Services

Get in touch if your School would like to host a Teacher Inservice. Our experts will deliver a fun 1-2 hour session covering all the basics, and introducing a large selection of mini games and drills for big class sizes.


4) Schools Zone

Check out our permanent Schools Zone section, brimming with FREE support information, coaching manuals, and much more.


5) School Club Links

Check out our "Developing School Club Links" manual, and let us help you reach out to your nearest GAA Handball Club and provide a pathway for pupils into the sport.

School Club Link Manual