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Irish 4-Wall Junior Nationals 2022

The entry system is now live for the 2022 Irish 4-Wall Junior Nationals which takes place in Tyrone & North Monaghan venues on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May. With Qualifiers on Saturday 16th April (Easter Saturday) in venues nationwide.

Entry can only be made online through our official online entry system in association with by clicking the link below.


Early Bird Discount until midnight Wednesday 23rd March

  • Entry Fee Junior Nationals: €25 or €30 after above date.
  • Entry Fee 11 & Under (Fun Event): €15 or €20 after above date.
  • There is also a 20% Family Discount Offer for 2 or more entries from the same family.

Junior Nationals (all Singles including 11 & Under)

The grades that are being run this year are as follows:

11 & Under Boys and Girls (Fun Event)

13 & Under Boys and Girls

15 & Under Boys and Girls

15 & Under B Boys and Girls (for players who have not won a provincial title in 4-Wall championships or 4-Wall colleges championships ora 4-Wall Junior Nationals B title)

17 & Under Boys and Girls

17 & Under B Boys and Girls (for players who have not won a provincial title in 4-Wall U14, U16 championships, All Ireland 4-Wall colleges championships, or any All-Ireland Juvenile 4-Wall championships or a 4-Wall Junior Nationals B title)

19 & Under Boys and Girls

Please note the grading committee for the Junior Nationals will have the final say on player’s eligibility for A or B grades. Their decision will be final.

For players to be eligible for the above Junior Nationals grades then they must meet the age requirement on the final day of the event, i.e. for 11 & Under grades, the player must be 11 or Under on the 1st May 2022.

Please note:

  • Entries will only be accepted through the online system and can be paid for by credit card or laser card.
  • No entries will be accepted after the closing date. All entries received after the deadline will go on a sub lists as long as payment is received by the office. If drop out’s occur at the last minute then these sub’s will be allocated a position in order.
  • Players can only enter one grade.
  • By entering this competition you automatically agree to be available to play on both the qualifying weekend and the national’s weekend – as above. As other years the 11 & Under Boys and Girls competitions are only played on the main weekend i.e. 30th April or 1st May.
  • Please note you will get a confirmation email back from to confirm that your entry was successful. If you don’t receive this email confirmation then you must complete the registration process again.
  • If you have entered more than one family member, then please email their names and grades to and we will do everything possible to keep them together - but we cannot guarantee this for all cases.

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