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Handball at the Ulster GAA Coaching Conference

The sport of Handball was well represented at Saturday's Ulster GAA Coaching Conference that had 250+ coaches from across Ulster and beyond attend. 

Two excellent workshops hosted by Paul Brady, Fiona Shannon & Darragh Daly were very well received by their attendees.

Paul's workshop focused on “How to foster an elite mindset among club and county players”, and he also shared some fascinating insight into his extreme levels of planning and preparation that aided in his 5 consecutive World Handball Titles.

National Development Officer Darragh, co-presenting with Ulster Development Officer Fiona Shannon, talked on “Adding a new dimension to your GAA Club & Players through Handball “. In it they showcased the cross training benefits of Handball to GAA clubs/players and how easy and cost effective it can be to add a court. Participants got to take part in some fun games and a bit of friendly competition at end the session.


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