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Brady & Casey seal Golden Gloves titles

What a fantastic weekend of Handball action we were treated to at the 33rd Golden Gloves in Belfast. With 165 entries across 14 grades it was a hectic weekend all round. Some of the Handball on show will live long in the memory and the Golden Gloves of 2021 will one we will remember for years to come. 

 Brady Strikes again

Age is only a number as Paul Brady proved this weekend, defeating all comers to win the 2021 Golden Gloves Elite Men's title. At 42 years of age, Brady still turned up in great shape, and of course his skill and execution levels being outstanding! Having seen off Jordan O'Neill, Colin Crehan and Martin Mulkerrims en route to the Final, Brady took down Charly Shanks 15-9, 15-0 in tonight's final in Belfast.

Elite Men's Results:


  • Gary McConnell dft David Walsh 2-15, 15-12, 11-5
  • Daniel Relihan dft Shane Dunne
  • Jordan O'Neill dft Diarmuid Mulkerrins 15-10, 15-14
  • Kevin Diggins dft Ryan Mullan 15-10, 15-4
  • Seán Ó'Cléirigh dft Gavin Coyle 15-10, 8-3 inj ret
  • Owen McKenna dft Michael Hedigan 15-11, 15-4
  • Sean Kerr dft Tadgh Carroll 15-13, 15-2

Last 16

  • Martin Mulkerrins dft Gary McConnell 15-14, 15-3
  • Michael Gregan dft Ger Coonan 15-14, 15-3
  • Colin Crehan dft Daniel Relihan 15-12, 15-0
  • Paul Brady dft Jordan O'Neill 15-5, 15-5
  • Charly Shanks dft Kevin Diggins 15-3, 15-4
  • Niall O'Connor dft Séan Ó'Cléirigh 15-5, 15-3
  • Dominic Lynch dft Owen McKenna ret inj
  • Sean Kerr dft Diarmaid Nash 3-15, 15-10, 11-9


  • Martin Mulkerrins dft Michael Gregan 15-4, 15-4
  • Paul Brady dft Colin Crehan 15-4, 15-8
  • Charly Shanks dft Niall O'Connor 15-5, 9-15, 11-6
  • Sean Kerr dft Dominic Lynch 15-7, 15-0


  • Paul Brady dft Martin Mulkerrins 5-15, 15-5, 11-8
  • Charly Shanks dft Sean Kerr 15-8, 15-0


  • Paul Brady dft Charly Shanks 15-9, 15-0


Casey dominates to win Elite Ladies title

Catriona Casey justified her #1 seeding with an excellent showing all weekend. Firstly seeing off upcoming Minor Final Noelle Dowling, Casey saw off the spirited challenge of rising Armagh player Megan McCann over two fascinating games. The final saw her renew an old rivalry against Aisling Reilly. Casey blitzed the opener, but all of a sudden found herself 10-1 down in the second. One thing Casey is renowned for however is her battling qualities and she again showed that in abundance as she bit by bit reeled the home town player in to seal the win 15-13.

Elite Ladies Results:


  • Catriona Casey dft Noelle Dowling
  • Megan McCann dft Mollie Dagg 15-4, 15-6
  • Fiona Tully dft Eilise McCrory 15-14, 9-15, 11-2
  • Aisling Reilly dft Pauline Gallagher 15-4, 15-4


  • Catriona Casey dft Megan McCann 15-8, 15-4
  • Aisling Reilly dft Fiona Tully 15-7, 15-3


  • Catriona Casey dft Aisling Reilly 15-1, 15-13