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GAA Handball welcomes new Club in Clonkill

GAA Handball are delighted to welcome our newest club, Clonkill Handball Club in Westmeath. 

Like with a lot of new clubs there seems to be always one person the driving force and Clonkill was no different. Eoin Price had contacted me about starting Handball in his primary school where he teaches. After taking some advice Eoin approached the principal with the idea of introducing a new sport for all children a relatively low cost. Their school had just gotten new tarmac done and a suitable concrete wall was already in place so with some lines drew on the ground and wall for less than €30 they brought a new sport into the school.

Not satisfied with this Eoin approached his Hurling Club Chairman and explained how we would like to introduce Handball into the club, obviously telling the chairperson all the cross benefits that Handball brings to other GAA sports but Hurling in particular. Timing was good as it was a few weeks before the Hurling Clubs AGM. At the AGM the idea was discussed and decided that a One Wall Court was to be build and a Handball Club formed.

If any GAA clubs or schools are interested in starting up a Handball club or would just like some more information on doing so, please get in touch with and we will gladly be of assistance.