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Developing School Club Links

Check out this fantastic new FREE resource for all Clubs & Schools, bursting with ideas on how you can establish varying levels of School Clubs Links.

Hundreds of thousands of children attend schools daily across Ireland, and therefore it is an obvious location to introduce your sport to vast numbers of children by putting programs in place to encourage beginners to take up our sport of Handball. By developing and sustaining an effective club school link, a GAA Handball club can successfully plan for both its short and long term future.

Clubs who implement efficient and organised links with their local Primary and Secondary school will reap the long-term rewards by developing the next generation of members for their club. Numerous factors depend on its success, however the benefits can be vast for both club and school.

This guide aims to show clubs how to get started making new links; provide idea’s to reinvigorate exist- ing links; and to highlight exemplary case studies of existing advanced school links of GAA Handball clubs. 

Developing School Club Links