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Ard Comhairle Update #4 (June 2022)

See below for correspondence and summary from the Ard Chomairle meeting on Thursday 2nd June.


Bulletin #4 (2022)

  • Proposals re the Handball review as presented by Tom Moloney (Interim Manager GAA Handball) and Shane Flanagan (GAA Director of Coaching & Games Development) as follows:
    • New handball staff structure – Head of Handball, Regional/provincial development officers (4), Administrator and Handball Centre Co-ordinator.
    • The Ard Comhairle chaired by the Uachtáran will continue to drive the agenda. The full time staff are there to support and to implement policies.
  • --
    • A Governance review to be carried out to ensure that Handball has a constitution that is appropriate to the organization, its size and the number of volunteers on the ground – already approved by the GAA. Separate to that the Sport Ireland governance requirements need to be put in place.
    • GAA Handball needs to review the County Board structure – The National Manager and the Ard Comhairle need to engage with all stakeholders to put in place an organisation structure that will grow GAA Handball into the future.
    • GAA Handball needs to appoint a Treasurer and PRO and both these positions need to be supported by a Finance Committee and
      PR Committee. Again the staff should be available to support the work to be done in these areas.
    • Funding of handball – the treasurer and the manager will need to carry out a review of the funding model of handball to ensure that it is adequate to grow handball. This review will need to include all stakeholders and in particular the Coaching and Games management.
    • International Handball and World Games 2024. Ard Comhairle and the National Handball Manager working with all stakeholders will need to develop a clear vision and plan for the future.
    • Clár – the new Handball manager as an independent person within handball should start a review of the Clár and get agreement to a phased approach in bringing in the changes that handball needs. All handball members on the ground need to approach this work with agreeing a way forward that will grow handball. Rules 27c was set aside 3 years ago to give the Ard Comhairle authority to trial changes over a three year.
    • New Handball Centre is nearing completion and should be handed over to National Handball in late Q2/early Q3 2022. This will be a flag ship for the sport and the operation of the centre and the relationships with the community and the NewCo company who are responsible for the building must be managed. To ensure that this works well for handball it will be essential that the handball manager is resident in the office in
      the centre. Permanent staff will also need to be operating from the centre.
    • Ladies Handball – a dedicated ladies handball committee should be put in place with the Chairperson of the committee sitting on Ard Comhairle.