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Ard Comhairle Update #3 (April 2022)

See below for additional correspondence from the Ard Chomairle meeting on Thursday 7th April.


Bulletin #3 (2022)

  1. Juvenile International Trip - Selection Criteria:

The team to take part in this trip will be made up of 6 players altogether. There should be a male and female representative at U15, U17 and U19 level. This represents our best players in the grades used for Nationals events across the 3 codes. These grades will also match up against the US grades for U15, U17 and U19.

The players will be selected by the use of a trial event around October/November time. In order to be eligible to play in the trial event, a player must have played in at least one competition in all three handball codes; 4 Wall, Softball and Wallball. The qualifying competitions for each are the Nationals and Championship in each code. A player must also be at the correct age where they would still be eligible for the international grade when the tri