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Worlds: Day 6 Review

Sensational wins for Team Ireland’s at the World Championships in Minnesota today when Conor McElduff and Martina McMahon were the first Irish players to win Wallball Senior World titles.

McMahon was first into action and she was playing the number 1 seed and reigning 2 time World Champion Danielle Daskalakis (USA). McMahon attacked from the outset going for kills when given half a chance, she built up a good lead but Daskalakis was trying every trick in the game to claw her way back but McMahon closed it out 21-15.

In the second the American started the brightest but McMahon kept with her for long periods. Daskalakis led 20-12 at one stage but McMahon dug deep and fought back to trail 18-20 to the delight of the large crowd. But the American got the final ace she needed to setup an eagerly anticipated tiebreak.

McMahon was very composed in the tiebreak and started well even though points were hard to get, but with some excellent attacking shots she went into an early 6-2 lead. The Limerick lass was really playing to the crowd and she extended her lead to 9-4. The American tired everything but today the girl from Limerick was on top of her game and she celebrated in style when she took the tiebreak 11-4 to be the first Irish person to win a Wallball World Senior title.

Next up was Conor McElduff playing Vlad Klym (USA) and after McMahon success this really spurred on the Tyrone player. McElduff started brightly and went into an early lead, with some outstanding kills and passing shots he went on to take the first 21-6.

The second game was a very cagey start by both players with it at 5 all but McElduff started to exercise his influence and controlled the game from this stage on to the delight of the large crowd watching on. In the end McElduff took the second and the World title 21-6 and 21-8 to everyone’s delight.

The big guns entered the 4-Wall Championships today with reigning World Champion Paul Brady receiving a bye while Irish Team Captain Martin Mulkerrins defeated Jeff Strebig (USA) 21-4, 21-12. Also successful through to the next round is Robbie McCarthy who defeated Quinn Foley (USA) 21-1, 21-4 while Irish Senior Doubles Champions Diarmuid Nash overcame Loren Collado (USA) 21-6, 21-4.

Day 6 Key Results (1-Wall) - Tuesday 14th:

  • Mens Open Singles Final: Conor McElduff (Team Ireland) dft Vlad Klym (USA) 21-6, 21-8
  • Ladies Open Singles Final: Martina McMahon (Team Ireland) dft Danielle Daskalakis (USA) 21-15, 18-21, 11-4
  • Mens Open Doubles Final: Vlad Klym/Ingmar McKenzie (USA) dft Conor McElduff/Paudi Quish 21-17, 20-21, 11-6
  • Girls 19&U Singles Final: Megan McCann (Team Ireland) dft Eimear Ni Bhiadha 21-3, 21-6
  • Girls 17&U Singles Final: Leah Doyle dft Niamh Heffernan (Team Ireland) 21-14, 13-14, 11-5
  • Girls 15&U Singles SF: Mairead Fox (Team Ireland) dft Clodagh Munroe 20-21, 21-19, 11-2

Day 6 Key Results (4-Wall) - Tuesday 14th:

  • Mens Open Singles R32: Paul Brady (Team Ireland) W/O Ricardo Fernandez Jr (Mex) scr.
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Martin Mulkerrins (Team Ireland) dft Jeff Strebig (USA) 21-4, 21-12
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Robbie McCarthy (Team Ireland) dft Quinn Foley (USA) 21-1, 21-4
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Diarmuid Nash (Team Ireland) dft Loren Collado (USA) 21-6, 21-4
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Killian Carroll dft Arther Sayed 21-5, 21-0
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Stephen Cooney dft Danny Bell 21-12, 21-0
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Andy Nett (USA) dft Tadgh Carroll (Cork) 21-12, 21-11
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Sean Lenning (USA) dft Eric Hillgren (USA) 12-8 ret. inj.
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Michael Gregan (Wicklow) dft Fausto Castro (USA) 21-4, 21-2
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Colin Crehan (Clare) dft Ryan Peach (USA) 21-13, 21-15
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Luis Cordova Jr (USA) dft Patrick Clerkin (Cav) 21-5, 21-4
  • Mens Open Singles R32: Erik Torres (USA) dft Darragh Daly (Tyr) 21-15, 19-21, 11-9

Day 7 Key Fixtures (4-Wall) - Wednesday 15th:

  • Mens Open Singles R16: Killian Carroll v Stephen Cooney
  • Mens Open Singles R16: Diarmuid Nash (Team Ireland) v Dan Cordova (USA)
  • Mens Open Singles R16: Robbie McCarthy (Team Ireland) v Vic Perez (USA)
  • Mens Open Singles R16: Sean Lenning (USA) v Andy Nett (USA)
  • Mens Open Singles R16: Martin Mulkerrins (Team Ireland) v Michael Gregan (Wicklow)
  • Mens Open Singles R16: Colin Crehan (Clare) v Amando Ortiz Jr (USA)
  • Mens Open Singles R16: Emmett Peixoto (USA) v Luis Cordova Jr (USA)
  • Mens Open Singles R16: Paul Brady (Team Ireland) v Erik Torres (USA)

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