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Outdoor Court Ideas

As of today, Monday 26th April, outdoor Handball is permitted island wide!

We know this is only an initial step, but given we have been deprived of all Handball for so long today is very welcome!

Don't fret if you don't have an outdoor court at hand, there are various options to play, and now more than ever our "Any Ball Any Wall" motto is so important!  

So let's get out, find a wall, and showcase our sport in the open spaces! 



  1. GAA Handball Club Outdoor Facilities 
  2. A Ball Wall / Skills Wall at your local GAA Club
  3. One of the many old outdoor courts scattered across Ireland
  4. One of the 100's of Schools 1-Wall courts....has your School got involved yet?
  5. Find any urban space....after all there are plenty of walls everywhere!


Note: Please remember to follow our guidelines.

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