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Ladies SF 1: Casey v Mahon

A daunting task for Mahon, but she is known for her fighting spirit and wont be fazed by the prowess of Casey this weekend! But can Casey be stopped from retaining? 

Catriona Casey is the dominant force in Ladies Handball at present, and going by her form at January's She's Ace Weekend, she has somehow improved further! Kilkenny's Ciara Mahon is one of a few girls knocking at the door of the Big 3, but has yet to break through. She will need to be on top form to make this weekend the time to breakthrough!

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Saturday 3rd March

Kingscourt Ct 1, Cavan @ 2pm

  • SF2: Antrim (Aisling O’Reilly) v Limerick (Martina McMahon)

Kingscourt Ct 2, Cavan @ 2pm

  • SF1: Cork (Catriona Casey) v Kilkenny (Ciara Mahon)

Kingscourt Ct 1, Cavan @ 3pm

  • 3.00pm SF1: Armagh (Charly Shanks) v Clare (Diarmuid Nash)
  • 4.00pm SF2: Galway (Martin Mulkerrins) v Cork (Brendan Fleming)