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Did you know there is Handball in the Czech Republic?

I bet not many of you knew that there is a Handball community in the Czech Republic?

Well there is and the SVAZ Wall Handball Czech Republic organisation is now three years old, having first appeared in the Czech Republic in 2018, thanks to Marcell Vallas. Marcell lived in Miami for a long period of time, and having moved back to the Czech Republic he founded the association which mainly plays 4-Wall Handball.

In less than 3 years, Wall Handball has gained popularity and interest in the general public in the Czech Republic and has a total of more than 100 members. So far the SVAZ Wall Handball CR have organised 2 x National Championships, and 8 Club Tournaments for adults and children, both school and preschool. The 3rd Czech Championship is planned for November 2020.

The association are currently using Squash courts but aim to build their own Handball specific courts in the future.

Find out more about via their website.