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GAA Handball Survey - Building a brighter future

GAA Handball invites you and all members of the association to complete our survey entitled: 

GAA Handball "Building a Brighter Future" 

This is an open call to participate in the survey so please share this with players, officials, coaches, supporters, teachers, parents, administrators in your club/county for their opinions. 

The current GAA Handball strategic plan expires in 2016 and GAA Handball will be launching a new plan to take the association forward and to build a brighter future for the sport and our members. To construct a plan that will cater to the needs of all in our association we are encouraging as many people as possible to complete the survey. We would ask that you give your own thoughts and not what you perceive to be the popular answer and each individual's answers will remain confidential as no names/emails are recorded. 

The survey is a comprehensive in depth survey that aims to get the thoughts and wishes of all involved in our association from players to referees and from administrators to supporters. 

It's your sport so we want to hear from you!