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Drennan wins epic Kingscourt Shootout

Kilkenny teenager Billy Drennan was the last man standing after a fantastic and entertaining days Handball at the unique Kingscourt shootout on Saturday.

32 men started out on Saturday morning, and after a blind draw they all played out the full 5 rounds on a 20 minute timed format.

In the end, the final couldn't have been more dramatic, with Drennan defeating fellow county man Shane Dunne 23-22. See below for full results.

In the Junior Final, Monaghan's Ciaran Brennan defeated local man Conor Owen's 17-12.


Last 32

  • Gavin Coyle (Mon) dft M Sweeney (Mon) 31-0
  • Brendan Burke (KK) dft Paul Fitzpatrick (Cavan) 14-11
  • Adam Walsh (Wex) dft Aidan McElroy (Mon) 29-10
  • Aaron Geoghegan (Mon) dft Evan Murphy (Lim) 22-14
  • Billy Drennan (KK) dft Jack O'Reilly (Cav) 31-4
  • Conor O'Gorman (Mon) dft Conor Owens (Cav) 24-10
  • Kevin Barrett (Car) dft Shane Briody (C⁶ 21-7
  • Ciaran Neary (KK) dft S Shanahan (Mon) 31-4
  • Shane Dunne (KK) dft Cian McManus (Cav) 31-8
  • Patrick Clerkin (Cavan) dft Stephen Smullen 24-12
  • Paul Graham (Ant) dft Niall McMahon (Cav) 19-11
  • Cormac McMahon (Cav) dft Ciaran Brennan (Mon) 24-10
  • Sean Digney (Down) dft Michael Clerkin (Mon) 19-14
  • Ben Devlin (Louth) dft Adam Crosbie (Cav)
  • Mark Rainey (Ant) dft Conor Maxwell (Dub) 12-10
  • Ryan Mullan (Tyr) dft Brendan Higginbottom (Kild) 25-10

Last 16

  • Brendan Burke (KK) dft Gavin Coyle (Mon)
  • Adam Walsh (Wex) dft Aaron Geoghegan (Mon) 13-11
  • Billy Drennan (KK) dft Conor O'Gorman (Mon) 26-21
  • Ciaran Neary (KK) dft Kevin Barrett (Car) 31-10
  • Shane Dunne (KK) dft Patrick Clerkin (Cav) 26-14
  • Paul Graham (Ant) dft Cormac McMahon (Cav) 25-14
  • Sean Digney (Down) dft Ben Devlin (Louth) 18-12
  • Mark Rainey (Ant) dft Ryan Mullan (Tyr) 14-13


  • Brendan Burke (KK) dft Adam Walsh (Wex) 24-12
  • Billy Drennan (KK) dft Ciaran Neary (KK) 21-14
  • Shane Dunne (KK) dft Paul Graham (Ant) 14-12
  • Mark Rainey (Ant) dft Sean Digney (Down) 13-6


  • Billy Drennan dft Brendan Burke 16-10
  • Shane Dunne dft Mark Rainey 24-10


  • Billy Drennan dft Shane Dunne 23-22