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Useful literature for all Handballers

Clar 2017 (407.6 KB) Download
Club Tournaments 2017(57.98 KB) Download
Adult Rota 2012-2017 with 2017 schedule(494.91 KB) Download
Juvenile Rota 2015 - 2026(216.53 KB) Download
Gael Linn Rota 2016 - 2026(29.36 KB) Download
Official Handball & Equipment Guide(43.38 KB) Download
Fixtures & Postponements Policy(79.2 KB) Download
GAA Handball Scorecard(57.36 KB) Download
School - Club Link(1.31 MB) Download
Competition Review 2015(800.82 KB) Download
2017 Mens 40x20 Singles Wall Chart(1.33 MB) Download
2017 Ladies 40x20 Singles Wall Chart(1.31 MB) Download