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Handball Coaching Essentials

Perfect your Technique(1.26 MB) Download
The Serves - 'Take Control'(783.38 KB) Download
The Shots - 'Every Shot has a Purpose'(575.85 KB) Download
The 'Big Alley'(1.42 MB) Download

Fundamental Handball Coaching Manual

Warm-Ups(3.52 MB) Download
ABC's(6.73 MB) Download
RJT's(5.1 MB) Download
Striking(1.63 MB) Download
Handball Games(2.69 MB) Download


Play Defense(3.75 KB) Download
Championship Doubles(54.4 KB) Download
Doubles Court Coverage(54.09 KB) Download
One-Wall Drills(4.31 KB) Download
One-Wall Serving Strategies(51.52 KB) Download
One-Wall Serving Strategies (Part 2)(6.74 KB) Download

6 Week School Lesson Plans

Lesson 1 - The Strokes(290.81 KB) Download
Lesson 2 - Serving(440.26 KB) Download
Lesson 3 - The Shots(532.71 KB) Download
Lesson 4 - Develop the Weak Hand(533.04 KB) Download
Lesson 5 - Tactics(615.06 KB) Download
Lesson 6 - Game Sense(430.14 KB) Download
6 Week Lessons - Combined(591.66 KB) Download

Get Fit for Handball

Foam Rolling(310.81 KB) Download
Speed & Footwork Drills(393.41 KB) Download
Handball Circuit Training(252.98 KB) Download
Active Isolated Stretching(3.59 MB) Download
Prehab & Core Programme(1.16 MB) Download